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About The Golden Ratio

Project Golden ratio — the author's marketing on the basis of Fibonacci numbers

A system of redistribution of funds based on a spiral marketing plan

Spiral marketing plan, as the author's development of the community Web Take Profit is a progressive marketing system that works on the principle of proportion «Fibonacci Golden ratio».

Fibonacci numbers are the fundamental basis of all beings and phenomena in our world: galaxies, the plant world, even man himself. Our community was the first in the world to integrate the Fibonacci matrix into network marketing. The effectiveness of this method of implementing the Golden ratio principle allowed us to create a matrix with a single common queue of participants interested in increasing their capital in a spiral scheme.

Golden ratio statistics


Of our users starts earning at 1st minute

Investments in spiral marketing allow you to get the first interest charges automatically after passing the general queue. The participant gets an absolutely predictable fixed profit of 167% in just a few seconds of work in the system, and then gets into the matrix.

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Why golden ratio?

An effective strategy of proportional redistribution of funds is used

The whole world and all revolves around Fibonacci numbers which is a revolutionary mathematical discovery that has found its application in network marketing.

The Golden Section is a completely transparent marketing plan, guaranteed payments and an ever-growing number of participants (including by placing WEC coins on leading exchanges).

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