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WEC is a product of the global ecosystem Web Token Profit, created for the purpose of mutually beneficial exchange of goods and services, as well as meeting the material needs of community members, regardless of the duration of cooperation and the volume of investments.

Spiral marketing plan «Golden Section» is a new and absolutely unique author's development of the Web Token Profit community, which is based on a mathematical model known as the Fibonacci number sequence. It is this sequence of numbers that became the basis for the development of a new algorithm — the Fibonacci matrix, which ensures the stability of the entire system and the rapid turnover of the WEC cryptocurrency.

The Golden ratio formula, which describes the structure of the universe and the harmony of the universe, is now successfully integrated into the financial sphere. The application of The Golden Ratio principles within the Golden Ratio platform allows each participant to quickly pass all levels of the matrix to achieve a maximum profit of 40,000% of the initial investment.

Processability, reliability, prospects-the characteristic of WEC from experts of the crypto-currency market. Stability, investment attractiveness, growing opportunities. The participants of our project evaluate WEC in this way.

Web Token Pay — (WEC) is a new cryptocurrency with a 21,000,000 WEC emission limit. The use of blockchain technology opens broad prospects for the development of a new digital currency: there is already a stable growth in its value, and the planned placement of tokens on the largest crypto exchanges (Binance, Huobi, Exmo, OKEx, Kucoin, etc.) will attract the interest of experts and experienced market participants.


1 WEC = 0.0000000000 BTC


1 WEC = 0 ETH


1 WEC = $12

About Fibbonaci
golden ratio

The Golden ratio is a universal value, the uniqueness of which is confirmed in all spheres of our life.


The structure of the human body is completely subject to the calculations of the Golden ratio, which was proved in the time of Leonardo do Vinci


Masterpieces of architecture, from the Egyptian pyramids to Notre Dame Cathedral, were designed in the light of the proportions of the Golden section.


Wildlife clearly has the principles of the Golden ratio in the ratio of distances between the leaves or the size of the body of animals. The Fibonacci number series describes the snail shell, the structure of DNA, the hurricane, the structure of galaxies

The Golden ratio is often called Divine, because the proportion of 62: 38 can be found almost everywhere: in nature and painting, in space and music, in math and marketing.

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