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Service Agreement

On the basis of these Rules governed relations within the framework of cooperation between the company Golden Ratio (hereinafter the сcompany) on the one hand, and users who directly participate in project activities (hereinafter Participant), on the other hand. The parties undertake to comply implicitly with each paragraph of the Rules, preventing their intentional or involuntary violation. The validity of the rules begins from the moment they are posted on the site.

1. General provisions

1.1. The company works on the basis of a registration certificate issued in the UK and a license entitling it to operate with the attracted financial resources.

1.2. The company's privacy policy does not allow the disclosure of personal data of project participants, as well as the transfer of any information to third parties.

1.3. Only persons who have reached the age of majority are allowed in the Common queue and the main elements of this project.

1.4. To get access to the General information, the user must register, which automatically implies his consent to the implementation of these Rules and familiarization with the Privacy Policy.

1.5. These rules are not the subject of discussion of the parties, and the Company has the right to independently make any additions or changes that come into effect from the moment of their publication on the site.

1.6. Disagreement of the Participant with any points of Rules shall become the reason for refusal of registration.

2. Rights and duties of the Company

2.1. During registration, the Participant automatically agrees to the processing of personal data by the Company's employees in accordance with current legislation.

2.2. The company guarantees full financial transparency, adherence to the initially proposed terms of cooperation, timely and full implementation of its financial obligations to the Participants.

2.3. The company is responsible for the smooth operation of the site for the seamless use of its functionality and withdrawal of funds.

2.4. The Company is not responsible for the user's negligent actions, does not return tokens spent due to the Participant’s own inattention, does not compensate for losses associated with incorrect operation of payment systems or incorrectly specified payment details.

2.5. The company warns about the user's responsibility for copyright infringement, which applies to all information materials, design, software and technologies posted on the site.

3. Rights and obligations of the Participant

3.1. The participant is personally responsible for all his transactions. He is informed that the operations carried out by him are final and irreversible, and is not entitled to demand compensation from the Company for losses incurred as a result of his own erroneous actions.

3.2. The participant has the right to purchase an unlimited number of matrix cells, which helps to accelerate the matrix closure and profit payment.

3.3. The acquisition of a cell cannot be compensated to the Participant until the current matrix is completely closed.

3.4. If there are technical problems that make it difficult to deposit or withdraw funds or pay for the matrix cells, the Participant has the right to contact the technical support service.

3.5. The services presented on the site cannot be used to carry out illegal or fraudulent actions, which include, but are not limited to, re-registering using your own affiliate link.

3.6. The participant undertakes to maintain the reputation of the Company, not to allow negative statements about its activities, not to take actions aimed at causing material or reputation damage to the Company.

3.7. The participant has the right to participate in the affiliate program and receive a reward for the activity of attracted users. Affiliate remuneration is subject to withdrawal to the user's electronic wallet or may be directed to participate in the project.

3.8. The participant undertakes to systematically visit this section of the site to familiarize themselves with the new edition of the Rules and their further implementation during the use of the site.

4. Other matters

4.1. The occurrence of force majeure circumstances may be the reason for the temporary or permanent termination of the site until the consequences of force majeure are eliminated.

4.2. The Company has the right to terminate ahead of schedule the cooperation with the Participant who has violated these Rules.

4.3. The participant has the right to terminate cooperation with the Company at any time without prior notice.

4.4. Conflicts and disputes arising during the cooperation within the framework of this project should be the subject of bilateral negotiations to achieve a mutually acceptable solution. If it is impossible to resolve the situation peacefully, this problem is transferred to the legal plane.