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Start a new guild


Dear community!

Respectable partners!
The new KUBERA guild has started.
Official Telegram channel: @guild_kubera
The purpose of the guild is to unite partners and help in the development of other guilds.
 Cost of 1 cell -0.36 wec
 The number of cells purchased per day is up to 3 per account.
 The maximum of gift boxes sent to partners is 3 in total.
 The guild gives 3 clones to the Fibonacci guild from levels x5, x8 and x13, a total of 9 clones.
Total accruals from 1 cell - about 142 century, income minus clones - 137.8 century.
 During the first month of operation, it will be possible to purchase only 3 cells per day per account.
Good income to you!