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«Common queue» is the fastest marketing plan for today. The Deposit brings income from the first seconds. The principle is simple. Everyone can pay for an unlimited number of cells at a set price (from 0.06 to 0.6 WEC, depending on the conditions in the Guild). After the purchase, the cell takes a place in the common queue. In this case, the cell acquires its own unique and unchangeable number.

The next cell purchased after it increases the value of the first one by 21%, regardless of who it belongs to. The next two cells will bring her 13% profit, the next three — 8%, the next five — 5%, the next eight – 3%, the next thirteen — 2%, and another twenty-one cells will add 1% to the Deposit. In other words, the Fibonacci numerical sequence allowed us to calculate the optimal percentage of profit for each participant. Let's look at marketing using the example of the Fibonacci Guild.

There are 54 places in the common queue. With a large number of cell purchases, the queue moves very quickly, and the cost of a cell increases by 67% in a few minutes. That is, after passing the common queue, the initial cost of one cell from 0.6 WEC (in the Fibonacci Guild, in other guilds on a different plan) increases to 1 WEC.


Let's go to the main part of the marketing plan of Fibonacci Matrix - a spiral marketing system that has no analogues among other investment projects.

A cell worth 1 WEC already falls into an F-matrix consisting of 20 places. It occupies the first unoccupied position in the matrix.

Each participant can have an unlimited number of cells in different matrices and at different levels, depending on the time of purchase. Simultaneously purchased cells are usually distributed one at a time to different matrices of the same x2 level. Depending on the total number of cells purchased by all participants, such matrices can be from 1 to 233, clearly in accordance with the sequence of Fibonacci numbers (1, 2,3,5,8,13 ....144,233).

After the matrix is fully filled, the cells are shifted to the center in a spiral, and the participant who had the cell in the first place receives a profit payout. The speed of movement of cells through the matrices directly depends on the number of purchased cells and the speed of filling the matrices.

In total, there are 5 levels of the "Fibonacci Matrix", each of which differs in the size of the yield. The first F-matrix doubles your investment — the input was 1 WEC, the output was 2 WEC. 20% (0.4 WEC) of this amount is sent to the balance for withdrawal, and the remaining 80% is sent to the second — level matrix. Here your investment is multiplied by 3, that is, instead of 1.6 WEC, you will get 4.8 WEC , of which 1.44 WEC goes to the balance for payments, and the remaining 3.36 WEC goes to the third-level f-matrix.

At this level, your investment increases by 5 times - the total income will be 16.8 WEC, 8.4 of which are available for withdrawal. The rest fall into the F-matrix of the fourth level, in which your Deposit increases eight times. When you close the fourth-level matrix, you will get 67.2 WEC; you will be able to output 53.76 WEC from them, and 13.44 will go to the f-matrix of the fifth level. The top-level matrix multiplies your money by 13, and you will get 174.72 WEC at the exit.

The total return on the project is almost 40,000% - if you invest 0.6 WEC, you can get 238.72 WEC without any additional effort. And this is only with one cell, the number of which for each participant can be any one of these

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from each partner

An additional way to earn income from the Golden Ratio project is to participate in the partner program, which provides for the payment of remuneration in the amount of 5% of the cost of each cell purchased by your referral. For example, you invited 10 people, each of whom paid for 10 cells. So, you will get 5% of the cost of 100 cells (60 WEC), i.e. 3 WEC. Partner payments are also made when your referral enters the Guild. By paying for a cell in this marketing plan, it increases your income by 5% of its own investment.

By inviting new participants to the project, you can withdraw partner rewards to the WEC wallet, or reinvest these funds in the purchase of new cells. In this way, you will facilitate the rapid movement of the common queue and the closing of matrices, which will significantly accelerate the capital turnover both on the project scale and on the scale of your personal deposit.

Restarting matrices

  • 233


Golden Ratio also provides an opportunity to equalize the chances of making a profit between all participants, which is facilitated by a unique system of matrix reallocation.

After filling in the first F-matrix, two more appear, and then the number of matrices increases according to the Fibonacci sequence: 3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144-233. However, further expansion of the matrix can negatively affect the growth of income — a pyramid principle is formed, when new participants are less likely to make a profit than the old ones. Lack of motivation can lead to a decrease in interest in the project, and just restarting the matrices helps to "shake up" the entire system and reinstall the uncovered cells in the new first F-matrix, which will lead to an acceleration of the turnover of the spiral marketing plan.


In practice, this is how it works. The creation 233 of the matrices leads to the stop of the entire system. All unclosed cells "fall out" from their matrices, and are re-embedded in the new two matrices in turn, and from left to right. In parallel, there are two blocks: consisting of 233 F-matrices. There can be no more than five similar blocks. A recursion effect is created.

Each time a block of 233 F-matrices is filled in, the system restarts again with cells being "shaken" and a new block is formed. This reallocation allows you to speed up the process of closing matrices with new cells and ensure payments to all project participants.


The Golden Ratio project provides its participants with another unique opportunity — to gather their own team to implement and promote a common idea (for example, travel, online games, etc.). The creation of a Guild is available to any participant who has paid an initial fee of 100 WEC. In your account you must go to the tab "Create a Guild" and fill all the specified fields: name of Creator the name of the Guild logo, the contributions of Guild members (the cost of the cell is chosen independently by the head of the Guild), contact information, links to groups in the social.networks or chats in instant messengers, which will be the communication between members of the same Guild.

Invitation of new members of the Guild is possible only by referral link, and all participants of the system will see about the appearance of a new Guild and have access to join. That’s why, the community creator can conduct advertising campaigns to attract interested parties. All of them pass the "Common queue" after registration and get into the "Fibonacci Matrices". However, the difference is that both the queue and the matrices in this case belong to a specific Guild and do not have access to the main matrices of the Golden Ratio project. All project participants can participate in several guilds.